Message from the Director

At Snowbell Realtors Land Limited, we properly understand the risks associated with valuation practice and the implications of professional negligence. In view of this before submission of any valuation report or due diligence report, we meticulously ascertain the following especially for mortgage & Purchase purposes.

  • We inspect the right property by examining the relevant survey plans and confirming that the property inspected concurs on the ground with the maps. To keep pace with the technological advancements, we employ Global Positioning Systems to locate and map the property including giving the actual location of the property in terms of co-ordinates;
  • An official title search for the property has been independently conducted at the respective land’s office;
  • The property inspected does not lie (partly or in whole) on a public land e.g. Road Reserve, government land, riparian reserve, way leave, public open space e.t.c.
  • The valuation figures returned are to the best of our knowledge based on objective analysis and research of the property market and that they are not doctored or biased/ influenced by any party; and that there is no conflict of interest whatsoever.

Our Turn-around-Time is usually (3-5) working days in carrying out an usual valuation assignment. However, where there are delays in execution of instructions from the client due to unavailability or unavoidable delays in obtaining some vital documents (mainly official searches and maps), we communicate appropriately and promptly to the client while we expedite the necessary course of action.

Our professional fees are based on Valuers Scale of Fees as contained in the Valuers Act Cap 532 of the laws of Kenya, plus disbursements based on mileage, incidental costs and other relevant government taxes. However, this is after mutual agreement between ourselves and the clients.

At snowbell Realtors Land Limited, we pride ourselves in offering our clients the highest quality of service. Our members are exceptionally trained in all aspects of Property Valuation, Property Management, Project Management, Property Agency, Asset Audit, Due Diligence Survey and best compliance with the relevant statutory regulations and requirements.

Peter Noah

Chief Executive Officer